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1/2 Lamb for Chela

Thank you so much for supporting our regenerative farm! We are honored to be your lamb farmers.

This lamb is 100% grass fed and finished, raised using regenerative agriculture practices.

We made sure the meat was only washed in hot water at the processor, not in a citric acid chemical bath like some other processors.

We are so proud to deliver you the 'finest lamb in all the land'! 

While all eggs are nutrient-dense, we made them even better by optimizing their fatty acid profile. Our eggs are tested to be low PUFA relative to conventional and other pasture-raised eggs fed corn and soy.

What we Feed our Chickens

The chickens at Angel Acres are fed food scraps, fresh forage & insects, and a custom made Organic feed free of corn & soy. We also "supplement" the chickens with liver and tallow a few times a week.

Our chickens are always on the move

Their mobile home is rotated every 2-3 days to ensure healthy living conditions for the birds, which allows us to raise healthy hens without the use of vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.