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A2 Goat Milk Box

A2 Goat Milk Box

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For pet food consumption only. 😉 Each Goat Milk Box contains 2 gallons of Organic, corn and soy free raw goat's milk that's naturally A2/A2 straight from the goat's teats! The milk is DELICIOUS and easy to digest. The milk is frozen immediately after milking to ensure the milk arrives to you fresh.

What makes our milk different? The goats are raised outside and are rotated to fresh grass (whereas most other goat milk options raise goats inside a barn with access to the same pasture). Rotating outside on pasture ensures abundant sunshine and a diverse nutrient intake with access to diverse forage species. 

All dairy goats require a supplemental feed while being milked. Most farms use just a generic non GMO (not the same as organic!) option that contains PUFA ingredients (such as soy, corn, canola or sunflower seeds).

This is unacceptable to us! So we created our own, custom, low PUFA feed that is Organic (contains no pesticides). Excess PUFAs and pesticides in grain have been shown to pass through to the milk - yuck! 

The nutrition of a goat's diet directly impacts the nutrition in the milk, which is why we are extremely selective of their diet in order to ensure milk with the best fatty acid profile and an abundance of nutrients.

Our goat's milk is roughly 3.5% fat and has a sweet, smooth taste. Never heated, and delivered to you as nature intended.

Local? We offer local pickups from the farm, as well.  Email us at to learn more.

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