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Lambtastic Nutrient Box

Each box is filled with our very own crafted primal blend (containing 90% premium, grass-fed lamb meat + a 10% organ mix of liver and heart) and bone broth, from our 100% grass-fed, regenerative lamb! 

$289 / box. Includes 10 packs of 1 lb primal blend + 4, 32-oz bone broth containers.

This box is the first of it's kind! But there is only a limited quantity available (25 boxes!) until NEXT year!

    Blending the organs with premium meat meat allows for even the pickiest of eaters to sneak in some more nutrients.


    In other words, our primal blend is an effortless way to get more of Nature's Multivitamins’ in (we’re talking about liver and heart!) The best part about it is… you can’t even taste it! 

    Crafted With Your Micronutrient Intake in Mind

    In just 1, 4 oz serving, you will hit your daily nutrient requirements (>100% RDA) for…

    • Copper
    • Retinol 
    • and Vitamin B12


    In addition to… (% RDA)

    • 34% Selenium
    • 43% Zinc
    • 47% Vit B2
    • 46% Vit B6
    • 23% Vit B5
    • 31% Vit B6
    • 16% Choline
    • CoQ10! (Which is high in lamb heart and liver)

    Now we can’t just speak about meat and organs without appreciating the rest of the animal.


    Our Angel Acres’ lamb bone broth is abundant in anti-inflammatory, gut healing, joint supporting, skin healing, and metabolism supporting amino acids (like glycine, alanine, and proline). 

    Consuming these two products together allows you to easily consume a complete and balanced amino acid source. 

    Truly eating the whole animal, what humans have done for all of our history.


    The goal of this box is to conveniently provide you and your family with essential nutrients, completing the protein portion of your meals.


    4 oz of the primal ground (which is ~90% lean, 10% fat) + 1 cup of bone broth provides 11 g healthy fat and 33 g bioavailable protein.