The beginnings

Founded in early 2021 by sisters Ashley and Sarah, (the 'Strong Sistas') Angel Acres has been built from the soil up, fueled by a passion for health and regenerative agriculture. As first generation farmers, we are revitalizing our pasture since the day we purchased our land in order to raise healthier food and add life back to the soil. We started with just a few egg layers and we were NOT happy with the feed options out there (all containing high PUFA ingredients) - so we made our own!

The Original Team!

corn and soy free eggs from pasture raised chickens


Ashley manages a lot of the bigger picture items here at the farm, like the grazing plan, farm expansion, product development and is also responsible for rotating the lamb and layer chickens on a regular basis. She is our lamb shepherdess, crazy chicken lady and head honcho!

Learn more about Ash at the Strong Sistas website.


Sarah is our main goat milker, and manages The Red Barns, our wedding and events barn where you can stay when you visit the farm! She has a collection of 'pets' around the farm, too, like more exotic chickens and friendly ducks. She is also head of customer service (if you've called us, you've probably spoken with Sarah!) and is the one coordinating orders and answering emails!

Learn more about Sarah at the Strong Sistas website.


Aka the "pig daddy", Brandon is leading our ventures into pastured, corn and soy free pork and chicken. Brandon is rotating our Meishan pigs through the forest as we build up our drove! He is also leading our "tree range" meat bird project and is the main construction and 'fixer upper' guy here. He has built our mobile milking station for the goats, mobile feeding stations for the chickens, led the chicken coop construction, and built our awesome new shipping building!

We are now an egg coooperative!

Eggs produced on our farm, and our partner farm, all with the same standards:

  • Our custom low PUFA corn & soy free feed
  • Meat & organ scraps
  • Needle-free (no vaccines, antibiotics or hormones)
  • Mobile-pasture raised

Our custom-made feed is delivered to our partner farms, ABF Farms in Fowlerville, MI and Clarkson Farms in Waverly, KS So the eggs produced on our farm and our partner farm are identical.

Why do we have partner farms? Because we need to produce more eggs that are better for human health!

Since we believe in regenerative agriculture and working with Mother Nature - we must keep our egg flock sizes small.

Too big of a flock EGGspansion at the original farm (Angel Acres) would lead to soil destruction and we would turn into a confinement barn - no one wants that!

Keeping a low flock size at our farms ensures 1) we can raise healthy chickens without diseases (and no vaccines, antibiotics, or hormones), and 2) we can have healthy soil with luscious grasses and bugs (leading to a more nutritious and diverse diet for the chickens).