corn and soy free eggs low in PUFAs from pasture raised chickens

Low PUFA, Corn & Soy Free Eggs raised regeneratively & delivered to your door.

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What you eat eats, matters

"For the first time in more than 35 years, I am able to tolerate and benefit from eating eggs; both the yolks and the whites! As someone who needs to restrict so many foods, your eggs have given me the ability to enjoy so many more interesting meal options." - Christie

  • What does low PUFA eggs mean?

    We had our eggs tested at a University lab, and due to the hen's unique diet, they contain significantly lower levels of Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFAs) relative to regenerative pasture-raised (fed corn & soy), cage free, and confinement eggs. This means our eggs have the healthiest fatty-acid profile you can find - low in unstable, metabolism-lowering, thyroid-suppressing PUFAs, but high in healthy fats, vitamins & minerals. Meaning more of the good, less of the bad.

  • How are your eggs different?

    Most chickens (even pasture-raised!) are fed feed that is full of corn, soy, and other high PUFA ingredients. A diet high in PUFAs results in higher levels of PUFAs in the eggs, in addition to the presence of other common allergens (like soy). Many of our customers were previously not able to consume eggs. But our eggs are different! Since the types of fat and nutrient levels depends on the hen's diet, our eggs are low in PUFA, nutrient-dense, low in allergens, and DELICIOUS!

  • What do you feed your chickens?

    We weren't happy with ANY of the chicken feed options (even the 'corn & soy free' ones) - so we made our own, ONE OF A KIND, custom low-PUFA feed, that does not contain corn, soy, or other high PUFA ingredients like flax, safflower, sunflower seeds or seed oils. Our hens are rotated to fresh pasture where they forage on bugs and grasses, PLUS they receive weekly beef meat scraps, meat organs (yep they eat beef liver! Nature's Multivitamin.

corn and soy free eggs low in PUFAs from pasture raised chickens

Eggs with THE healthiest fatty acid profile out there.

Our eggs contain 55% less PUFA and 62% less Linoleic Acid (the Omega 6 PUFA high in vegetable oils - yuck!) than the typical non-GMO, pasture-raised eggs, and 60% less PUFA and 70% less Linoleic Acid than 'Cage Free' eggs.

corn and soy free eggs from pasture raised chickens low in pufas

Eggs with healthier fats AND more nutrients.

Our eggs were lab tested to contain...

  • 129% more Vit E
  • 55% more Vit B3
  • 82% more Vit B5
  • 20% more Vit B1
  • 15% more Vit D3

Plus Vit K2, which was not found in Cage Free eggs.

You are what you eat, eats.

That's right, what the chicken eats will impact the nutrition and fatty acid composition of the egg, which makes up cellular components inside your body.

If a chicken eats a lot of PUFAs - the egg will contain higher levels of PUFAs. This is well established in the scientific literature.

More PUFAs inside of you will lower metabolic rate and increase the production of toxic oxidation byproducts (such as MDA and HNE). These can damage DNA and cellular structures, and are carcinogenic - yuck!

This is why we strive to provide our animals the most nutrient rich diet possible, one that's high in vitamins, minerals and bio-available protein, and low in PUFAs.

No chemicals, toxins, v@ccines, antibiotics, or hormones.

Just eggs produced traditionally, low in PUFA and rich in nutrients.

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  • Paul Saladino md

    Paul Saladino MD Podcast

    Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Knobbe discuss the dangers of Linoleic Acid (LA) and seed oils - and why it is important to pay attention to what chickens are eating. They also discuss why our eggs are UNIQUE! (Starting at min 43)

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  • "The Ancestral Diet Revolution" by Dr. Chris Knobbe

    The science behind why diets should be low in LA (the ω6 PUFA our eggs are uniquely low in) Plus, a mention of us "Angel Acres Farms... entirely ancestrally fed chickens for the purpose of producing nutrient-dense 'Low LA eggs'. These eggs are also beyond organic, without a shred of chemicals in the feed or pasture."

  • Will Buy Again!

    Wonderful! First time my soy allergic husband was able to eat eggs since he figured out he was allergic to soy! Fast shipping and eggs were all solid no crack.

    - Maria Q.

  • Best eggs we've ever had!! HIGHLY recommend!!

    Best eggs we've ever had, hands down!! Will definitely be a monthly buyer! Packaging was excellent, not one broken egg upon arrival! You get what you pay for, organic corn & soy free feed (not cheap), also fed liver, free to forage for bugs, and lots of Love makes for the healthiest, best tasting eggs you will ever eat!

    - Christoper S.

  • Amazing Eggs!

    My order arrived amazingly fast and in great shape. These are clearly some special eggs. And they've got great flavor. I'll definitely be ordering them again. review.

    - Jeremy S.

  • Egg-tastic!

    Having the opportunity to know how well these chickens are fed, cared for, loved and they help regenerate the farms fields is the best part about these eggs. Well, I lie, they taste SO good! Worth every penny knowing my family is being fed eggs just like our ancestors ate! Thank you

    - Jessie A.

  • Best I ever had!

    I got my first box of eggs last week and they are hands down the best I have ever had. They are worth every penny and I feel so thankful I can do my part to support what you both are working on with your farm. I cannot emphasize enough how much I believe in what you're doing, and also how thankful I am to you for doing it.

    - James

  • Amazing flavor!

    As soon as I started eating the eggs, I was extremely impressed. The flavor was so smooth, so pure, and didn't give me any stringent weird feedback when eating it like most eggs I've tried. The whites were not rubbery, they were soft and extremely delicious. The yolks were just this incredible sponge of flavor that had amazing flavor.

    - Steph

corn and soy free eggs from pasture raised chickens low in pufas

How our chickens are raised

Our ladies forage outside in sunlight with fresh air and fresh pasture. We move our chicken coop every day - resulting in a cleaner living space, increased access to fresh bugs and grasses, as well as improved fertility of our fields (not to mention, better tasting eggs!)

We are EGGspanding

We are working hard behind the scenes to EGGspand the flock and change the egg industry.

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