Low PUFA Eggs

We had our eggs tested and due to the hen's unique diet, they contain significantly lower levels of Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFAs) relative to other pasture-raised and cage-free eggs. This means our eggs have the healthiest fatty-acid profile you can find.

Our hens eat good.

Most chickens are fed feed that is full of corn, soy, and other high PUFA ingredients. A diet high in PUFA = more PUFAs present in the eggs, in addition to the presence of other common allergens (corn, soy). As two girls who care about our health, this was unacceptable to us.

So we made our own chicken feed.

As a result, our eggs are better for you.

Since the types of fat and nutrient levels in eggs depends on the chicken's diet (Woods, 2009), our eggs are low PUFA and nutrient-dense.

Our eggs contain 55% less PUFA and 62% less Linoleic Acid than Non-GMO pasture-raised eggs, and 60% less PUFA and 70% less Linoleic Acid than 'Cage Free' eggs. For example, 4 Angel Acres eggs have only 1 g PUFA vs. 4 conventional eggs have 4 g PUFA.

Low PUFA, Corn & Soy Free Eggs

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  • Best eggs we've ever had!! HIGHLY recommend!!

    Best eggs we've ever had, hands down!! Will definitely be a monthly buyer! Packaging was excellent, not one broken egg upon arrival! You get what you pay for, organic corn & soy free feed (not cheap), also fed liver, free to forage for bugs, and lots of Love makes for the healthiest, best tasting eggs you will ever eat!

    - Christoper S.

  • Egg-tastic!

    Having the opportunity to know how well these chickens are fed, cared for, loved and they help regenerate the farms fields is the best part about these eggs. Well, I lie, they taste SO good! Worth every penny knowing my family is being fed eggs just like our ancestors ate! Thank you

    - Jessie A.

  • Will Buy Again!

    Wonderful! First time my soy allergic husband was able to eat eggs since he figured out he was allergic to soy! Fast shipping and eggs were all solid no crack.

    - Maria Q.

  • Amazing Eggs!

    My order arrived amazingly fast and in great shape. These are clearly some special eggs. And they've got great flavor. I'll definitely be ordering them again. review.

    - Jeremy S.