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Corn & Soy Free, Low PUFA Eggs

4 dozen corn & soy free, Organic, low-PUFA, pasture-raised eggs delivered directly to your door! All eggs laid within the past week. Small batch, limited quantity available each week.

If sold out, join waiting list to be notified when back in stock. We are working on EGGspanding our flock to be able to keep up with the demand! 


While all eggs are nutrient-dense, we made them even better by optimizing their fatty acid profile. Our eggs are tested to be low PUFA relative to conventional and other pasture-raised eggs fed corn and soy.

What we Feed our Chickens

The chickens at Angel Acres are fed food scraps, fresh forage & insects, and a custom made Organic feed free of corn & soy. We also "supplement" the chickens with liver and tallow a few times a week.

Our chickens are always on the move

Their mobile home is rotated every 2-3 days to ensure healthy living conditions for the birds, which allows us to raise healthy hens without the use of vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.