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Corn & Soy Free, Low PUFA Eggs LOCAL ONLY

Corn & Soy Free, Low PUFA Eggs LOCAL ONLY

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4 dozen corn & soy free, Organic, low-PUFA, pasture-raised eggs delivered directly to your door! All eggs laid within the past week. Small batch, limited quantity available each week.

Sold Out? Join waiting list to be notified when back in stock. We are working on EGGspanding our flock to be able to keep up with the demand!


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As we add more chickens, we often have pullet eggs available - these are slightly smaller eggs (that come from our younger chickens starting to lay) and are sold at a discounted rate. Some countries prefer pullet eggs and claim they are creamier, and have a more favorable yolk to white ratio. 

We were not happy with 'business as usual'...

We are first generation female farmers who came into farming with a human-health focus. It was our mission to produce the healthiest eggs we could find.

We were NOT satisfied with any of the feed options available (even the 'corn and soy free' feed options out there are often loaded with other high PUFA ingredients like sunflower, safflower, flax or vegetable oils - yuck! Those will increase PUFAs in the final egg).

So rather than buying 'typical chicken feed' - we made our own. After years of researching, testing and experimenting - we created a feed you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

And we changed the type of fats in our eggs!

"These are the best eggs I've ever eaten. Wow" - Rhonda

  • What does Low PUFA mean?

    We had our eggs tested at a University lab, and due to the hen's unique diet, they contain significantly lower levels of Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFAs) relative to regenerative pasture-raised (fed corn & soy), cage free, and confinement eggs. This means our eggs have the healthiest fatty-acid profile you can find - low in unstable, metabolism-lowering, thyroid-suppressing PUFAs, but high in healthy fats, vitamins & minerals. Meaning more of the good, less of the bad.

  • How are your eggs different?

    Most chickens (even pasture-raised!) are fed feed that is full of corn, soy, and other high PUFA ingredients. A diet high in PUFAs results in higher levels of PUFAs in the eggs, in addition to the presence of other common allergens (like soy). Many of our customers were previously not able to consume eggs. But our eggs are different! Since the types of fat and nutrient levels depends on the hen's diet, our eggs are low in PUFA, nutrient-dense, low in allergens, and DELICIOUS!

  • What do you feed your chickens?

    We weren't happy with ANY of the chicken feed options (even the 'corn & soy free' ones) - so we made our own, ONE OF A KIND, custom low-PUFA feed, that does not contain corn, soy, or other high PUFA ingredients like flax, safflower, sunflower seeds or seed oils. Our hen's our rotated to fresh pasture where they forage on bugs and grasses, PLUS they receive weekly beef meat scraps, meat organs (yep they eat beef liver! Nature's Multivitamin), as well as food scraps.

Eggs produced on our farm and our partner farm, all with the same standards

Eggs produced on our farm, and our partner farm, all with the same standards:

  • Our custom low PUFA corn & soy free feed
  • Meat & organ scraps
  • Needle-free (no vaccines, antibiotics or hormones)
  • Mobile-pasture raised

Our custom-made feed is delivered to our partner farms, ABF Farms in Fowlerville, MI and Clarkson Farms in Waverly, KS So the eggs produced on our farm and our partner farm are identical.

Why do we have partner farms? Because we need to produce more eggs that are better for human health!

Since we believe in regenerative agriculture and working with Mother Nature - we must keep our egg flock sizes small.

Too big of a flock EGGspansion at the original farm (Angel Acres) would lead to soil destruction and we would turn into a confinement barn - no one wants that!

Keeping a low flock size at our farms ensures 1) we can raise healthy chickens without diseases (and no vaccines, antibiotics, or hormones), and 2) we can have healthy soil with luscious grasses and bugs (leading to a more nutritious and diverse diet for the chickens).

Better for you and the environment

Our eggs not only have a healthier fatty acid composition, but contain more vitamins and minerals since they are pasture-raised and get weekly beef meat and organ scraps (our chickens eat beef liver!) 

  • 129% more Vitamin E
  • 82% more Vitamin B5
  • 55% more Vitamin B3
  • 20% more Vitamin B1
  • 15% more Vitamin D3

Numerous studies have demonstrated, the chicken's diet directly affects the level of nutrients and the types of fat in an egg.

In addition to improved human health, the chickens play a vital role in our mission to maximize soil health with regenerative agriculture. Our chickens live in a mobile home on pasture which is moved to fresh grass every day. With no chemicals, we maintain a thriving soil microbiome to ensure we work with Mother Nature, not fight against her.